ASB works on having a winter formal


Rylee Harris, Staff Writer

Dances like Homecoming and Prom are huge events that students love. The ASB is trying to make the Winter Formal happen. 

Give history.  When was the last time we had a Winter Formal? Why did we stop having them? Why is ASB thinking about bringing it back?

“The winter formal is in the works but it is not 100% sure we are going to do it quite yet,” Executive President of the Associated Student Body (ASB) Sophie Chittle.

 Poway high school is still figuring out on why to do the winter formal or not. “We just had homecoming pretty recently, and we haven’t really been planning on anything to do for the Winter Formal at all. Since we recently just had homecoming in September, we had been prepared a lot then,“Sophie Chittle said.

 “The school is going through some financial troubles “We are doing the best we can to see if we can make it work still because many students really want it to still go on,” Chittle said.

Now, “I really want to have winter formal, and it would be a super fun event for all of the grades because prom isn’t for lowerclassmen. Although it would be fun I see how soon this dance is and it would be a lot to prepare financially and physically,” freshman council  Mackenzie Juza said.