You Season 3 is creepier than ever

Elijah Burnett, Staff Writer

The Netflix Original You is back with a third season and it is just as creepy as the two seasons before.          You season 1 and 2 followed a very similar plot of; guy wants girl, will do anything to get girl. 

   This show revolves around the main character, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley. In season 2 we see him obsess over and stalk a girl named Love, played by Victoria Padretti. He never learned his lesson from season 1, when he stalked a different girl named Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail.

Director John Scott does a great job of diving into the mind of a stalker. Scott makes sure the audience shares the same perspective as Joe, so he makes the females on the show glow, and seem perfect. Sometimes scenes seem very over dramatised, but they get overshadowed by amazing acting and storytelling.

The writers of the show want viewers to actually understand what Joe is thinking at all times. So, Penn Badgley provided amazing voice over work, and throughout the show we hear his thoughts. In season 3 we see that Joe is very hypocritical and judges his wife about everything. Love on the other hand would do anything to fix their marriage. Season 1 and 2 both followed nearly the same plot, so it was a breath of fresh air having a very different plot in the first few episodes.

Love feels guilty about having feelings for a new guy named Theo. But just like the past 2 seasons, Joe would do anything for the new girl in his life, Merianne. Joe goes back to his stalker ways, going as far as killing someone for Merianne. We see multiple ways that Joe and Love are practically the same person, which is ironic because they hate each other. The writer still keeps the perspective of Joe, so of course, Merianne is perfect and very likeable. While Merianne is perceived as perfect, Love is perceived as the worst wife ever, and very frustrating. 

Joe and Love have an inevitable fight, but if you want to find out what happened you have to watch the season. Overall this season really lives up to the past 2 as a funny, creepy, and enjoyable watch.