Pink Pantheress “to hell with it” review

Only known by the name “PinkPantheress,” an English singer/ songwriter just dropped a unique sounding project.

PinkPantheress, a UK musician has been catching the eyes of many with her pop songs. She just released her debut album, “to Hell with it”. After going viral on TikTok with her hit songs “Pain” and “Break It Off, the singer signed to Parlophone and Elektra records, which led her to drop this album on Oct. 15.

PinkPantheress keeps it short and sweet with each song, the longest being 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the whole album lasts only 20 minutes. 

The track list consists of 10 songs,all with a similar sad vibe. Although most of the songs have a happy and upbeat sounding instrumental, she still sings over them with the saddest lyrics, this being the style she is most comfortable with.

After listening to the album, it becomes more and more addictive. Singing over classic UK samples such as Sweet Female Attitude, “Flowers” and Adam F. , “Circles,” PinkPatheress brings a nostalgic feeling, while keeping it simple with her verses so her listeners do not lose interest. 

Track number 8, “ All My Friends Know,”caught my attention the most. This song is set apart from the rest because she uses a slower, calm instrumental background. This is my favorite song off the album because it is so different.

Other tracks that I enjoyed listening to are “ Nineteen,”, a song about growing up and finding yourself, and “Just for me, ” which, in my opinion, has the best instrumental. 

I noticed going through the album, each song gets more and more personal. Her lyrics are confessions, and are about real experiences that people can relate to. She sings about real life problems that everyone goes through such as relationships, growing up, negative emotions, and more. 

Although PinkPantheress is still up and coming, she has gained a large fan base, and I can see a future where she thrives in the music industry.