Titans checking their mood

Titans checking their mood

Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer

Students flock to the bright green tables in the quad contrasting the overcast sky. It is Check Your Mood Day, a day to remind students that if they are feeling down, there are plenty of ways to receive help. 

Members of Friday Night Live staffed tables around campus to give out small assessments and access to resources provided by Live Well San Diego. 

By doing the provided activities, students learned about help available to them, whether it is in the form of a close friend or trusted adult. 

“It is effective to get kids to come and participate in school activities,” Friday Night Live president junior Gabriella Vazquez said. 

Student Service Specialist Sharon Struck coordinated the event to encourage students to monitor their emotional-well being. On National Depression Screening Day, it was a day to reflect and check in. 

“It’s important to be aware of how people are hurting, and how you can help your friends because everyones always going through something, you never know,” junior Eden Tobar said.

Everyone has a lot going on in their lives, and asking a friend how they are can really help get that conversation started, according to Tobar.

“It doesn’t even matter if people don’t do the quiz, it’s about the message they’re receiving. Check Your Mood is to inspire positivity and incite change around our campus,” senior Brissa Sanchez said.

The event was an important reminder to check up on friends and family to make sure they are okay.