Park at your own risk

Parking in the senior lot proves to be dangerous


The senior lot is a convenient place for upperclassmen to park and get to class on time. Despite the traffic on Espola Road and the frustrations of moving inch by inch while seeing the red brake lights of the car in front of you flash on and off, the majority of students still manage to get on Titan Way with a reasonable amount of time left before school. 

What makes the student body late are the parents who drop off their students in the senior parking lot . Every week students have claimed that adults cut students off on Titan Way, trying to get into the parking lot or speeding through it in an attempt to avoid traffic.

Poway Senior Abel Macintosh claims that a parent swerved into the right lane on Titan Way to get into the parking lot. The student had to swerve his car into the sidewalk to avoid an accident which resulted in a scratch on his bumper and an issue with his wheel.

This story and many others like it prove that the parents on this campus are not fit to use the senior lot. However there are solutions. If parents dropped off in the junior lot and the school opened the gate that lead from the parking lot onto the football field from the lot so students could get to class quickly, then this would fix the safety problem and reduce the traffic since it’s further down the road.