New On My Block Season Hits Netflix

Elliot Walters, Staff Writer

On My Block is an action-oriented teen comedy-drama that is grabbing a lot of people’s attention. 

The show is known for its very well scripted cliff hangers and dramatic moments in every episode. Its very own unique feel is what makes it so great. An example of this is when the end of season 2 leaves us with questionable thoughts about the group’s future.  

The Netflix Original has four seasons with 8-10 episodes and the episodes are 33-38 minutes long. Created by Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, this Netflix Series was first released in 2018 and the new season was recently added to Netflix on Oct. 4 of this year.

On My Block is a story about four life-long friends trying to grow up in the harsh gang-filled town of Los Angeles. The main goal of this entire show is to point out how important friendships are in life.   

Season four, released in October, revolves around friends moving on and dealing with changes in their own lives. Two main characters, Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jamal (Brett Gray), are running against each other to become senior class president at their high school.  

Oscar  (Julio Macias), a former associate of the Santos gang, has had a dramatic change in his lifestyle and is trying to adapt to a new way of life. The show keeps exploring how their friendship will survive as they live through new experiences.

The episode endings leave viewers with an emotionally deep feeling and definitely makes people think about what will happen next and wanting more. Some episodes are funny and some episodes are sad. One of my personal favorite episodes was season 1 episode 1 because it did a fantastic job revealing all of the characters’ personalities.

The creators put a lot of thought into their story to make it better.  Many of the situations and things that they each have to deal with are very relatable. 

If this type of story sounds interesting to you, then I definitely would recommend binge watching seasons one two and three. This is the final season of On My Block but it has been confirmed that there will be a spin-off series.