Esports Club!

The Club Rush on Sept. 22 allowed many people to find a group of students with common interests. One club that attracted a lot of attention was the Esports Club. 

Started this year by photography teacher Aaron Jaffe, the club is still new and deciding its leadership team. Seniors Troy Sorensen and Teddy Gaudia want to become the club’s leaders.

 “I joined club rush because I wanted to hang out with friends,” Sorensen said.

The Esports Club competes in many popular games, and allows students to recommend other games the club doesn’t already compete in, so there’s always something students can compete in.“[We compete in] Chess, Overwatch, Minecraft, Smash Brothers, League of Legends, Mario Kart, and many more — club members can also recommend other games we aren’t playing yet,” Sorensen said.

Members hope to compete in online tournaments and against some other school’s Esports teams as well.

“The club is in a very early stage currently, so we don’t have any competitions or tournaments planned yet. I know Westview High School also has an Esports Club, so we may do some competitions with them, and hopefully some other schools if they organize an esports club as well,” Gaudia said.

The Esports Club hopes to let members be themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. “I hope to facilitate a good environment, and let everybody be themselves while they play,” Gaudia said.

Jaffe is an avid gamer, and decided to start an Esports club when he learned about the college opportunities it provides. “By starting the esports club, I am allowing a new group of students to be competitive in an environment they are comfortable in… Colleges are seeking out students involved in esports, because they tend to be more technologically inclined,” Jaffe said.

Club meeting dates are to be determined, so talk to Jaffe in room N3-104.