Fans “Bond” with No Time to Die


Art by Carson Timbol

Flashy cars, martinis, and tongue-in-cheek dialogue have become a staple of the Bond brand. No Time to Die still retains these aspects that make it an instantly recognizable Bond movie, as well as adding far more emotional depth than anyone would have expected a Bond film to have.
Daniel Craig returns in his role of James Bond one final time, and he knocks it out of the park, with arguably his best performance as the character since Casino Royale back in 2006.
Rami Malek portrays an unnerving and absolutely bone-chilling new Bond villain, Safin.
The side characters, such as Ben Whishaw’s Q help Bond navigate his journey through the film, although they do seem to be too prevalent at some points.
The film runs two hours and forty three minutes, but I never felt it dragging along.
The plot itself focuses on Bond’s and his lover’s past with Safin and how they are trying to move on, but Safin draws them back into the life of danger and intrigue.
It is very well-paced and is by far the most intricate of all the Daniel Craig Bond films, definitely more so than all of the other Bond films.
Without spoiling the conclusion, the ending is one of the most gut-wrenching in cinema history.
A budget of over $250 million shows in the special effects and props extravagantly. Everything is so well made, that it almost feels as if you are not watching through a screen, but a window to another world.
The results have already been seen, as No Time To Die has grossed over $400 million in profits worldwide since its initial release.
As the final film of the Daniel Craig Bond era, No Time To Die wraps up the five film saga with a neat little bow, tying up all the loose ends, and giving longtime Bond fans the best movie so far.
Overall, it is a solid ten out of ten in terms of acting, plot, special effects, musical composition and its overall look and feel.
I highly recommend seeing it if you are into any type of action movie or a longtime fan of James Bond, and after two years since it was announced, it is well worth the wait.