Fahrenheit? Nope! Celsius!


In 2005, Steve Haley released a drink that in 2021, would rock teenagers’ world. An energy drink with immaculate flavors and crisps bubbles cleanse the palates of those obsessed with the drink, Celsius.
This drink is similar to Red Bull marketed as a form of wellness.
It stands as an energy drink, workout supplement, and dietary supplement all in one and claims to be giving their customers healthy energy; a three in one.
Vitamin B, C and ingredients such as green tea extract and ginger root are included to boost metabolism and help digestion.
There are 12 different fascinating flavors.
The most popular flavor is Sparkling Wild Berry, and frankly, I would agree because the berry flavors blast your taste buds.
My least favorite has to be the Sparkling Kiwi Guava; the flavor tastes bitter, almost burnt.
I personally am obsessed with this drink and have at least one a day to keep me going. Drinking one before my games has become part of my pre-game ritual, and continues to give me boosts of energy to keep me going.
One downside may be the amount of caffeine. This drink contains 200 milligrams for a 12 ounce drink which is about two cups of coffee. While this is an energy drink, and more caffeine is expected, some people see it as a danger for their health, at the risk of a caffeine overdose.
Overall, the drink Celcius is by far a personal favorite and one of the best energy drinks found, which says a lot to my energy drink addiction.