Catching up with the Titan Center

Rylee Harris, Staff Writer

Many students aren’t aware of what the Titan Center is or what goes on there. The Poway High school Titan Center has numerous resources and information about what goes on in Poway High.

 The Titan Center holds information on career assessments, scholarship opportunities, job opportunities, financial aid applications, free tutoring options, volunteer opportunities and so much more. The head of the Titan Center, Mrs. Jaime Brown and counselors are willing to help out with any of the students with these topics.  

“Once a month we highlight a trade for Thursday trade days” Counselor Smith said. On Oct. 21, a career professional of the construction industry comes to Poway High at lunch time showing students what the construction industry is all about to those who are interested. Students can go to the Titan Center to find out more information to see the Trade Day Flyer for more upcoming events this school year. 

Students can make appointments to explore career options using the Career Assessment website called Xello. Every student has a username and password that can access this website on MyPlan and the Xello app button. 

The Titan Center has so much more information about after high school and college careers. You can find this information when you walk into the student center on a huge board. “It is also posted on MyConnect under counseling canvas then daily info,” Brown said.

The Titan Center has a full time Career Guidance Tech that Mrs. Jaime Brown will be working from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm to help students. 

The Titan Center is also a place for students to relax, play board games, use computers and printers, and study. The Titan Center is open and available for students to do this during offroll, lunch, and after school. This is great for when you need academic help for any of the outside assessments so that counselors and staff could help you out.