Engineering Academy makes its mark on the map

Poway Highs Robotics Team

Poway High’s Robotics Team

Karishma Kansal, Staff Writer

Poway High Engineering Academy was recognized as a PLTW Certified Engineering Program. They have earned this honor every year since the 2018-2019 school year and are one of the 13 schools in California to accept this title. 

This award is based on students’ test scores and prerequisites, so getting it is quite the privilege. The school must offer certain classes and 70 percent of the students must score a 4 or higher on the end of year assessment. 

“We’ve won it three years in a row, it’s a pretty huge deal,” Coach Roger Dohm said. It really expresses the prestige of the academy and the pathway to be recognized by PLTW themselves.

The program incorporates many different aspects of engineering such as computer science and architecture.

   “I think the reason it’s been winning the award is because of how unique it is,” Co-President Brendan Aeria said.  “In the end you really get a good idea of what engineering is.” Aeria added.

Not only does it offer college credit, but the program also opens students up to robotics and Science Olympiad. 

There’s a reason there is so much overlap between the engineering courses at Poway High. They give students an outlet to express themselves in ways that contribute not only to society but the reputation of Poway. 

A national recognition for the third year in row really shows other schools what they are capable of. As the only school in the Poway District to receive this award, it puts the Academy on the radar.