Hugs not drugs

Red Ribbon Week spreads drug-free positivity.


Seniors Brenda and Brissa Sanchez stand outside during lunch to pass out wristbands to students pledging to be drug free

Sienna Van Heijnsbergen, Staff Writer

Poway students laugh and chat in the beaming sun as they line up to receive headbands and lanyards during Red Ribbon Week. From Oct. 26 to Oct. 29, The Friday Night Live Club (FNL) set up tables at lunch to hand out all types of stickers, ribbons, headbands, and bracelets to promote a drug-free life. 

For Red Ribbon Week, Student Service Specialist Sharon Struck teamed up with FNL to plan the week of awareness and remembrance, dedicated to raising awareness about substance abuse, and encouraging students to stay drug-free. 

“Red Ribbon Week is a reminder that there are many students who don’t use drugs, and that we should celebrate living a clean and sober life,” Struck said. 

On Tuesday, tables around lunch had bowls of HUGS candies, with the motto “Hugs not drugs”. Colorful tablecloths and bright signs attracted students toward the three tables located in the freshman and senior quad. 

“I really enjoyed all the things they handed out,” sophomore Daphne Berti said. 

On Wednesday, Titans dressed up in red to raise awareness for Mothers Against Drunk Driving(MADD). Tables at lunch provided them with temporary tattoos, stickers, keychains, lanyards, and wristbands. Junior Gabriella Vasquez, the president of FNL, was at a table every single day at lunch. 

“I love helping with Red Ribbon Week because I feel like it brings awareness to living without substances. It encourages students to stay away from drugs,” Vasquez said. 

Hawaiian day was celebrated on Thursday, paired with the saying, “Lei off drugs.” All around campus, colorful leis hung on students’ necks, and kids everywhere happily walked around looking for more. 

“Drugs and substance abuse in general can be so damaging, and this week celebrates the people who choose to stay sober.” Struck said.