Stress less to achieve success

Finals week rituals lead Titans to ace the tests


Lindsey Brintwood, Social Media Editor

With the Trimester coming to a close on Nov. 12, finals week is quickly approaching for Poway students. 

Finals week can be filled with stress and pressure as the last test of the trimester often can make or break a grade.

Many students have a routine that leads them to succeed. Whether that consists of studying at a coffee shop, having a healthy breakfast the day of the test, or incorporating caffeine into their test day, each individual has their own combination of things in order to flourish.

“I love chewing gum and drinking coffee while I study because it relieves the stress of the test and keeps me focused and in the best mindset possible,” senior Corinne Loosbrock said. 

Another way Titans prepare themselves prior to finals is by giving 100 percent throughout the trimester, so whether they excel or fail the final, their grade has a cushion to make up for any possible errors. 

“My goal in my classes is to keep above a 92%, that way I have a bit of room for error when it comes to finals,” senior Demi Smith said.

Titans also have a variety of studying rituals to prepare them the best for the test. Some use flashcards, others use practice exams, study guides, their classes’ textbook, or their own hand-written notes from the trimester. 

“I try to pace myself and do a little studying each day. What works well for me is studying before bed and using flashcards. Usually I’ll grab my favorite snacks and study as much as possible without overwhelming myself,” senior Hailey Cavaglieri said. 

Sleep is another crucial component in finals success. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that all teenagers get between eight to ten hours of sleep to be well rested and prepared for the day.

 This recommendation is extremely important during finals week as most Titans will take five tests in the span of three days. Without the proper rest, their minds will not be able to access information necessary for their tests. 

An important thing that Titans need to remember is to not drastically change their day to day school routines. People who typically do not drink caffeine or come well-rested on school days, should not on the day of the test because it can mess with your brain retrieval and could cause unnecessary stress and recall issues during the test according to data taught in AP Psychology.

During finals week, try your best. Leave each test with no regrets.