Marching Band Marches Again


Suhail Rahimi, Staff Writer

The coronavirus affected much of everyday life at Poway High School, including performing arts programs. The pandemic also affected students in the marching band, this prevented them from entertaining at the football games.

Marching band is in the rebuilding process. Band students are working hard to get back to the skill level they were at before the pandemic and get back to performing at the football games.

The band lost about a third of its size. “Well, in my freshman year, we had numbers up to about 150 people, and now we have about 90-100 people, so the numbers have definitely become smaller since COVID hit,” Drum Major, junior Bryce Chen said. 

With 50 fewer people Chen also mentioned that the rebuilding has been difficult with the decrease in members due to the pandemic, but with the help of the directors and leadership, they are slowly getting back up to the skill level they were at two years ago. “The students are working hard and look forward to entertaining at the upcoming football games,” Band Director Mike Cook said. The marching band had to spend more time getting back to how they played before the pandemic.

Students say the community they formed is like a family. “Marching band is very challenging and is no easy feat, but the reward is so great. You come out with new friends, and a whole new family,” freshman Gabrielle Rabenstein said. 

Most students in our football team say they appreciate the marching band. The football players are more motivated with the marching band, they say it makes them feel better. Coaches love to see the marching band perform.

They will perform at two tournaments this year. The first tournament took place on Oct. 9th. The next performance will be called “Westside Story” and will be on Oct. 15.