Too old to trick-or-treat?


Dressing up as your favorite character, going door to door, sorting and trading candy; these are all things our childhood prospered off of. But as kids turn into teenagers, these things become less socially acceptable. Are high schoolers really too old to continue trick-or-treating; no, and here is why. 

In school, the halloween parties turn into exams, and the candy we received in class has to be earned now. Growing up means fitting into responsibilities, and Halloween is the one day a year where everyone all around can dress up without being judged and be a little kid again. 

Along with that, most families have little children, whether it be nieces and nephews, cousins, or even younger siblings. Parents will give high schoolers the job of taking the little kids trick-or-treating, but that also means that the older teens get to live like a kid again. 

Halloween is a time where you can express creativity through costumes, and even gives children a chance to bond with one another. Childhood is too short to live by society’s standards. 

However, there are dangers in allowing older kids to go trick-or-treating. If the individual is with an irresponsible group, or even is immature as a person, this can be a danger to the little ones out and about. If teenagers take into account that they are not the only ones out, then we will not have a problem, but when there is no awareness of their surroundings, this is where the issue begins. 

For parents, the joys of having teens trick-or-treating, and not committing illegal acts such as drinking and drugs should be  easing to the soul. Trick-or-treating is by far the better option, and will keep kids safe. 

You are never too old to want to feel like a kid again; to feel that relief of having no worries in the world except for what brand of chocolate you got on Halloween night. 

Teens are never too old to want to unlock a childhood memory, and for high school students, trick-or-treating is not out of the picture just yet.