Why are Titans so trashy?

A need to address the mess at Poway High


Walking around campus, leftover lunches, wrappers, bottles, and even more trash litter the halls. Students cannot even find a clean table to sit at after lunch because of the mass amounts of trash students leave.

It is honestly sad that there are so many students that disrespect both Poway High School and the Earth. Littering not only makes our campus look bad, but it pollutes the environment too. 

Poway High School is equipped with many trash cans that are never full due to our hard working custodial staff. It is not difficult to pick up your leftover lunch trash, and take it a short distance to one of these many trash cans. 

Both students and staff have expressed their desire for a clean campus. ASB and Titan Ambassadors even made a lunchtime activity centered around “Address the Mess.” Despite all this effort, some students still leave their trash. 

It is disrespectful and selfish to the staff and other students when leaving trash. If everybody does their part then we can have a clean campus.