Environmental club starts up at Poway High


As environmental club members set foot on the south Poway staging area trail and looked down at their feet, trash surrounded them. It ranged from small wrappers, to golf balls, lighters, metal scraps and more. What seemed like an open field with trails really had trashed buried in between every small twig and shrub. 

Members of the environmental club were eager to clean up the main sections of the trails on Saturday October second. 

They had a great time engaging in conversations with friends as well as new individuals while scanning the field for any trash in sight. “Seeing my friends and cleaning up with them made it so much fun for me,” senior exchange student Ansam Darawsha said.  

“The clean up was a great way to bring together new people from Poway High. It was a fun experience, many more to come,” senior club member Izzy Grieme said. 

The main mission of the club is to bring awareness to environmental issues as well as proactively help the environment within Poway. 

“I started the club to bring together the community and help the environment at the same time. We hope to make a difference in the community one project at a time,” club president Ljosha Kremliovsky said. 

To see more about the club and upcoming events, follow them on Instagram @poway_environmental_club for more updates about their monthly meetings during lunch in Sharla Van Pelt’s room B-05.