Mr. Nash Leads Poway High Filled with Titan Pride

Principal explains his mission for Poway High.


Lindsey Brintwood, Online Editor

The excitement of the student body was electric on the first day of school. Seniors jumped up from the iconic white chairs and waved their new senior shirts into the air to express their happiness to see Principal Richard Nash give an inspiring speech to the school. 

Nash is on a mission for students, teachers, and staff. “My mission is to provide quality educational experiences for all Titans via specialized attention to the care of all partners in service of our greater community,” Nash said. 

Nash began his career in education by teaching a variety of subjects from Government to Television Production. Through teaching, he was able to discover his love of working with kids.

The primary factor that influenced his decision to go from teacher to principal was working with a previous principal of a school he taught at in the San Diego Unified School District. This principal was full of passion and commitment to the job, and Nash wanted to follow in his footsteps. 

“My favorite parts of the job include the opportunity to celebrate students and to get to meet current and former Titans across the globe,”Nash said. 

Nash’s favorite Poway High yearly event is graduation, as it is an opportunity to recognize the graduates’ accomplishment of completing 13 years of school. 

This year, especially, is unique to Nash because he feels as if he is getting the opportunity to graduate with the Class of 2022 as he became principal the same year the Class of 2022 walked onto campus. 

This year is also a special year for Poway High as it is the 60th anniversary of Poway High School. In recognition of this anniversary, there will be a Car Show in the lot behind the PAC in April sponsored by the automobile club on campus. 

Nash was ecstatic to be back on campus and to get to see Poway Titans hard at work in the fields of academics, athletics, and clubs. 

“During COVID, the major thing I missed was the energy of getting to work with people. It truly makes the job more rewarding and meaningful,” Nash said.