New Star Wars anime

Ronin in a scene from “Star Wars: Visions” short, “The Duel”, excluively on DIsney+.

In a galaxy where Star Wars and anime meet.Star Wars Vision is a well animated and interesting spin off to the films we all know and love. As a huge fan of Lucasfilms and their prior productions, watching this new and improved version of their work was exciting.

The first official talks of combining Star Wars with anime was in 2015 after Lucasfilms wanted to expand the Star Wars universe. When first hearing about the crossover, I questioned whether or not the finished product would have been done the right way. But after watching the show on Disney+, it far exceeded my expectations.

Releasing on Sept. 22.,  the series consists of nine short films that were produced by seven Japanese animation studios. The episodes range from 13-23 minutes in length, and all have distinctively different stories. Each short has a unique style of art to go alongside with new plot and characters.Although we hear some past references and see some familiar characters, this anime is not connected to Star Wars.

The anime’s first episode starts off super strong and action-packed, including fighting sequences that were fun to watch.The story followed the protagonist who was known only as the “Ronin”, a samurai jedi that had a sword saber and fought evil This episode specifically also had my favorite art style, as it was animated in classic black and white with hints of color, only when a lightsaber appears. After watching this first episode I was immediately hooked.

Not only does the series continue to have consistently good art and animation, it also has great plot and character development. Episodes like The Twins, which focuses on twin siblings who both fight for the darkside, and T0-B1, a story about a droid having a dream of becoming a jedi,  leave you invested with the characters and events that happen because of how well written the stories are.

It took me about three hours to finish the entirety of the anime, and it was entertaining the whole time. I would recommend this to any person who enjoys Star Wars or anime.