Balancing teaching and coaching


Kyle Williams lives, breaths, and bleeds football. Williams is an English teacher and an experienced football Coach at Poway High, and he grew up in a football family here in Poway. 

Last year he returned to his home school to coach football. His dad was a longtime football coach who eventually became a consultant. Williams has impacted many at Poway High School. 

Williams has been coaching football for 21 years for various schools and is in his second year as a proud member of the Poway High School football coaches. He likes to build relationships with his students and watch their growth. 

He thinks it is important to help his players and his students. He does this by giving them advice and confidence for whatever problem they have. 

A typical day as an English teacher includes getting to school by 6:50 a.m. to make sure the lesson is prepared for the day.  Williams teaches the same English 1 class three times each day. 

Williams said that to become a good teacher you need to be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.  You also need to take care of and guide the students.  

“You have to love what you are doing and love that kids want to study your craft,” said Williams. 

He wants his students to succeed because he is loved by many at PHS and he is willing to improve on his teaching.  Assistant Principal Monique Kanouse said that Williams shows “very good energy, and is dedicated to his work because he is proud to be a Titan.” 

He is willing to improve on leadership in the classroom and on the football field. 

“He helps set the standards as a football coach and as a teacher,” added English teacher Jennifer Proffitt. “Being a coach requires extra time with students, showing that he has the stamina for the long hours of coaching and teaching” 

If there is a student or athlete struggling in another class he loves to help them and give them guidance. There was once one student who wasn’t doing his work in Proffit’s classroom. 

He was sent to Williams’ class and after seeing Williams that same student started to do better in school.
This truly shows how one teacher, like Mr. Williams, can change another’s life.