Poways Newest Teacher

Ms. Risbrough Takes on Littirue with a safe learning environment


     One of Poway High School’s newest teachers Emily Risbrough is taking English classes by storm and students are buying into it. Risbrough chose to teach at Poway because she loves the environment and already had a hint of what it is like teaching for Poway online last year. 

    Risbrough knew she wanted to become a teacher at a young age because she always liked the experiences surrounding school. 

   “ I wasn’t a student who loved school for school itself,” Risbrough said. To her school is not just about learning, it is about self awareness and discovery, and she believes that is what she can help students achieve here. 

    Creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is one of her top priorities, and many students believe she is doing a great job.“I love how Ms. Risbrough allows us to think freely for ourselves,” a student in Risbrough’s World Literature class, Megan McCcandless said “Her class has a friendly atmosphere and I feel welcomed,”  senior Marcus Vinas said.

     “Ms Risbrough’s class is an exciting place to be.I enjoy the assignments,”Senior Izzy Edmunds said. Her favorite assignment so far was a webquest about Malala.  Many people appreciate the environment Risbrough has created for her students and she feels the same way about them. She said she is impressed with how “Students have such good character and focus.” 

   She plans on teaching for the rest of her career and many of her students are excited to see what comes next.