Margie Deleon proudly protects Poway

A new member to the security team

Margie Deleon proudly protects Poway

      If a possible trespasser needs to be kept out, administrative assistant Andrea Fuller knows exactly who to call. “Copy Margie, are you available?” The radio echos. This instruction summons the newest member of the security team’s help.

     Deleon  has already made her mark and is quick to make good impressions wherever she goes.  “She is very quick to learn the ropes, and I’m excited to be working with her,” Aurelia Bea, another member of the campus security, said. It is no surprise that she has mastered her new job so briskly due to her 25 past years as a probation division officer. 

     Margie Deleon started here in 2021. Before Poway, she worked as a probation division officer in the juvenile and adult division for 25 years. Recently, she came out of retirement due to her plans of travelling being canceled with COVID.Strapping on a backpack and touring around Europe and Asia was her dream. Instead, she longed to work with kids again and decided to come to Poway. Her favorite part of it all is to be able to protect people and work with kids at the same time. “Margie is always 1st to respond. Plus she does it with a smile,” Fuller said. The camaraderie she claims to have with the students and teachers make her a great fit for the Titan family.

    Deleon enjoys living life a little on the edge, from serving San Diego County to riding motorcycles in her free time. “It’s the satisfaction of coming to work and working with kids that I missed,” said Deleon. The feeling she receives when protecting our campus is unmatched. She’s looking forward to meeting new people as her time at Poway continues. Be sure to look out for Poway’s new smiling security guard, Margie Deleon.