Lunchtime activities excite Titans

Students love them and want more


Titans walked to their usual table in the quad, about to have a snack and talk with their friends, when they heard music playing and a group of kids crowded around. Going over to see what is happening, they find what looks like their fellow classmates getting ready to play musical chairs.

Lunch is an essential part of the day for students. It is a time to take a break from learning, socialize with fellow classmates, and eat. While many students enjoy that, some might want something more to entertain them. 

Start With Hello Week led by ASB and Peer Counseling took place the week of Aug 23. During this event activities were run at lunch with the goal to get students to create a culture of inclusion within our school. 

Some of the activities held to achieve this goal were spike ball, writing and receiving compliments, painting rocks, and musical chairs.These activities were a success because of the large amount of participation in each activity.

After being quarantined from our friends for so long Titans were in desperate need of some socialization.. Most students were eager to interact and these activities brought a sense of unity to campus.

It would be a good idea for ASB and peer counseling to continue more fun events like this for our school. It doesn’t have to be large thought-out games but something as small as just playing music around campus which is already a weekly thing. 

During Homecoming Spirit week Disney music was played at lunch to get ready for the Disneyland themed dance.

More entertainment like this should be kept as an ongoing thing to improve our school spirit and overall feeling of inclusion between students.