Titan ambassadors represent with pride


The day was August 18th, the bell rang, and all Poway High students filed into the bleachers at the football field for the First Day of School Assembly. Standing on the field to invite the students back to school were Poway’s very own Titan Ambassadors. 

The Titan Ambassadors represent their school body. Essentially, these 20 seniors are the role models of the school that students can look up to.

 These Titans represent the diversity and pride present on the campus. Each ambassador is involved with the school whether it be sports, clubs, or extracurriculars outside of school. “These Titan Ambassadors embody what Poway is. Each of them represents a different part of our school,”  advisor Erica Rangel said. 

Not only do these ambassadors do activities on campus, such as dress up for assemblies, but they are also involved within their community. They promote character counts at elementary schools, mentor middle schoolers, and participate in city activities such as parades. “I love how excited the kids always are to see us. I want them to look up to me like I looked up to the Titan Ambassadors when I was their age,” Ambassador Kayne Collins said.

Despite the year just beginning, Titan Ambassadors have already met with other ambassadors within the district, helped with drive-by graduations, and attended Garden Road and Midland Elementary Schools. At these schools, they spoke to the kids about the character pillars and counts. “Even though we just began, I’ve already met so many interesting people within our community,” Titan Ambassador Andrew Sprouse said.

Titan Ambassadors try to represent what Poway High is all about and inspire others to be the best Titans they can be.