Daniel Cook returns to in-person teaching

Angelo Pre, Staff Writer

From spending a full school year teaching virtually, to stepping foot back on campus, Daniel Cook finally returned to instructing his students face to face. Cook feels fantastic on his return. 

According to Cook, there is no comparison between online and in-person teaching, he missed getting to make eye contact with his students and interacting with them. Cook also missed getting to separate his private life and school life when he taught virtually. His time would be occupied by teaching online, that he did not have enough time to do his personal activities. 

Throughout the struggles of being virtual, Cook still managed to express himself with the same energy he has when teaching on campus. 

Senior Nayeli Gonzalez attended his virtual class.

“Mr. Cook was very friendly and interacted with his students and helped us when we were stuck,” Gonzalez said. 

Cook’s virtual likeness remained the same when he came back on campus. The connection between his students is much more engaging in person compared to virtual where the interaction was interfered by the Chromebook screens. Senior Henry Ambrose is excited to experience an in-person class with Cook. 

“I like his class cause he’s enthusiastic when he teaches and he keeps an upbeat pace to the class,” Ambrose said. 

Excited for his return, Cook is delighted to see what his students are able to accomplish in the company of their peers. “I will never take this for granted again!” Cook said.