Stephens spills on Homecoming

Inside on leading ASB.


Bernnell Bello , Staff Writer

When taking a look at what it takes to plan homecoming, there’s no specific role. Classmates throughout ASB help with posters and setting up. Casey, being a leader, helps organize. 

Senior Casey Stephens, ASB Executive of Activities was made to lead. After starting in ASB before COVID and then continuing on Zoom, this is her first true full year helping in ASB and organizing homecoming.

 Stephens and her cabinet came up with many great ideas for homecoming before summer, going over them during summer. Later brainstorming the spirit weeks and eventually finalizing the theme with the ASB class. 

Stephens has worked with the other members in the cabinet in planning homecoming, Emily Cook, Avery Moncey, and Asia Tanoaicher. 

 “Casey is very kind to everyone around her, which makes her extremely easy to work with,”  the commissioner of activities in ASB, junior Emily Cook 

“Casey is very confident and compassionate,” the commissioner of social media in ASB, junior Avery Moncey said. 

Stephens started ASB her sophomore year. “I needed to get more involved with the school.” Stephens said.

  Stephens plays middle blocker on varsity volleyball and is also a captain.  “I’m on the volleyball team and I really like leading that,” Stephens said. 

Volleyball being a very inclusive sport and leadership is a big part. In college Stephens plans to join many clubs that have something to do with leadership, and wants to major in communications. Stephens mentioned it was stressful but the hard work pays off, since it is her first time planning a homecoming.

Stephens’s grandpa inspired her to become a leader because of his past. “He was the athletic director at many colleges such as Cal Berkeley,” she said. “Hearing about his time there influenced me to reach out and be a leader.”