Locked out

New route causes new problems


Iliad/Suhail Rahimi

While students were trapped at home during quarantine, Poway High capitalized on the opportunity to make some renovations to the campus. However, how is this affecting the students? 

The access is now limited for safety reasons, but is causing a contrast of mixed emotions.

As school returned back to campus, students with an off-roll first period quickly learned their usual entrance, leaving them locked out. 

Although the band quad gates remain closed, the gates from both the E and D building are open. These gates stay open in order for the drama room, located in the Poway Performing Arts Center (PPCA), students to be able  to go in and out. 

This forces Titans to have to make their way all around campus, regardless of where they park or get dropped off. This becomes an inconvenience especially for people running late.

It has been brought to the attention of staff how much of an inconvenience this remains for students, and is still undergoing re-evaluation. With many complaints and meetings being held, the students stay optimistic. However, they still maintain an ounce of hope that the individuals at Poway High learn to adapt.  

The main goal of both staff and administration is to give the students a fun and happy environment. With the idea of a new route, they strive to please everyone on campus, while providing a safe domain. 

With the new gate, the idea is to provide easy access for the drama students, and anyone needing to pass through. 

There are other outlets for students with first off to make their way into campus, it may just be more of a hike to get to their desired destination. 

Overall, having any way of entry is a blessing, no matter how bothersome it may be.