How A New Teacher At Poway High Fits In

Ms. Mendez, a new teacher at poway high school is starting to get comfortable in the school.

How A New Teacher At Poway High Fits In

Suhail Rahimi, Staff Writer

A new teacher at poway had been working in special education since 2011 and is now teaching English, and her name is Jacqueline Mendez!

Mendez’s passion for teaching stems from her desire to help. Mendez teaches Freshman English and her students agree that she is a good teacher. “She explains everything to each group and is a very helpful and nice teacher,” freshman Angel Velásquez Zamora said. “She lets us work with our groups on most assignments, and she makes sure the class is not boring.”

“She helps all of her students and does not prioritize specific students,” freshman Anthony Chavez, said. “She is very good at explaining.”

A day in Mendez’s English class would go like this: five minutes of writing and then the lesson. Currently they are learning about foreshadowing and character analysis.

 Mendez likes working at Poway High School. “The students are good and the teachers are welcoming,” she said.

Mendez believes that “this school is nice.” She thinks the students are amazing too. 

Mendez says, “I imagined the transition from my old school to Poway would be difficult, but in reality, I’m already getting comfortable here.” It may be hard as a new student but, think of what it’s like as a new teacher. Mendez started working at a new school, with a new staff, so it was hard to ask for help, but the students were welcoming because Mendez was new and most kids know how it’s like going to another school and being nervous. 

Now Mendez is becoming more comfortable at Poway High and is excited to watch her students grow. Because of her previous experience helping students with English, she looks forward to finally getting to teach it.