A New Teacher Has Appeared!

New math teacher hired on campus.

A New Teacher Has Appeared!

Sasha Harrell, Staff Writer

One of our new math teachers has been a high school teacher for 12 years, working at two different schools before. Now, he’s added to the roster of new teachers here at Poway High.

If you happen to walk past room N3-210 on your way around campus, swing on by and say “hi” to one of the new teachers, Mr. Boele! He’s an Integrated 2A and 3A math teacher who has worked at Templeton High for 9 years and Ramona High for 3 years. 

“The people here are awesome,” said Boele, “they’re friendly and willing to help.”

 He decided to teach at Poway because he enjoys helping the people in his community, as well as seeing his students prosper. Interacting with students makes the area he lives in feel a little more like a community. 

He became a math teacher because of the importance of the subject. “I see how much it’s used in day to day life, it’s important to know, and I want to be able to help people and share the importance of math with my students,” he said.

Because he teaches both 2A and 3A, he has quite a number of students, yet somehow, he keeps his reputation up by remembering all of the names. “He’s a very awesome teacher,” said junior Julian Yorba, a student of Boele’s. “Even though I am talkative, he is very understanding and a nice teacher overall,” he said.

“He’s an amazing teacher,” said Owen Wilkinson, another one of Boeles students, “he always checks in on his students and helps those who are behind. He’s great at helping students enjoy math which is pretty rare for teachers.”

 There was one memory that stuck out to Boele. “The enthusiasm at the pep rally was eye-opening,” Boele added, “seeing everyone, especially the student body, come together and support one another was really nice.” 

With so many new staff members on campus, hopefully they have a great time. Welcome to Poway High!