Retiring Teachers Recall Best Memories

 Being on campus with my two kids was unforgettable, including car rides to and from school each day when they shared about their lives and goals. Being Titans together was golden. 

Discovering places, reading, spending time with family, crafting, hiking, visiting the rest of the presidential libraries, and finally seeing orange/rust/gold/brown fall foliage in person! Oh, and no more stacks of papers to grade

My entire teaching career has been with PUSD. My first year, fall of 1981,  I was at Mt. Carmel High School.  I was transferred to Poway High School my second year of teaching and never left.  I have taught many different math classes over the years: Classes we no longer have such as Foundations 1-2, Foundations 3-4, Math Concepts, Pre-Algebra 1-2, Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4, Honors Algebra 3-4 and classes we now offer such as Integrated Math 3A, College Algebra, and Honors Pre-Calculus 1-2.

I don’t have one most memorable moment, but I do have many fond memories.  Any day that a student exclaimed “Wow, I get it now!” was an awesome day.  I love math, I love sharing how beautiful math is, and I am so proud of students that work very hard to learn challenging material.  My husband, Mark Liska, was also a math teacher at PHS and our three daughters all attended Poway High School. The years when we were together at Poway High were extra special.  I have enjoyed living in Poway, working in Poway, and raising my family in Poway.  We have a great community.

I hope to be able to do some traveling with my husband once it is safe to do so.  I am looking forward to spending time with family members that live outside of San Diego.  I have not been able to see my mom and two of my sisters for two years now.  So, my first trip will be to Kansas so that I can attempt to make up for two years of lost hugs.