Poway addresses the mess

John Kersey, Staff Writer

Walking around campus is something students and teachers do everyday. ASB wants students to “Address the Mess” so Poway High is a clean campus that students can take pride in.

ASB has already started their “Address the Mess” campaign by putting up posters, labeling trash cans according to the trash, and steadily picking up trash.

Although this has helped a lot and ASB has been making big steps in the right direction this will not solve the whole problem. They, along with the school, are asking for all Titans’ help. 

“To help out, first off you can throw away all of your trash and make sure your friends and others do the same. Second of all, if you see any trash laying around, don’t be afraid to help out and clean up, even though it isn’t your trash it is your campus and everything helps,” Senior Class President Zach Allums said,

“Finally spread the word so other people know and hopefully they will tell even more people so the word is out and everyone participates,” Allums added.

“Everyone can help and make a difference to clean up our campus and help clean up our world,” principal Richard Nash said.

Titans spend a lot of time on campus, on an average students spend around 5 hours at school if not more. Some staff and students feel that Poway High is their second home.

Cleaning up the campus adds hours of work for our custodians taking time away from what the already huge workload they have, such as cleaning classrooms and computer labs.

 “Treat our campus how you would treat your home, you wouldn’t leave trash around and have your parents pick up your mess, so neither should you make our custodians clean up after you,” Assistant Principal Gannon Burks said.

By addressing the mess around campus, ASB hopes to take a step in the right direction to keeping the campus clean.