Senioritis Kicking In


Nick Dali, Editorial Editor

Sleeping in, waking up to the hot summer sun, and enjoying free time away from school is just around the corner. For seniors, it is even more than just another summer. It is the end of our high school journey.

With the end just around the corner, many are getting the famous senioritis symptoms. We are reflecting upon our years here at Poway, laziness is setting in, and hopes/worries about our futures are being processed.

The biggest part for me has definitely been laziness. Specifically, finding the motivation to complete all my schoolwork. Many of us have already been accepted into colleges, so this last trimester of high school seems to be a complete waste.

Especially this year with COVID, many seniors are drained and are waiting for the year to come to a close. However, teachers are still piling on work like it is nothing, and that is in addition to our final AP exams. 

On one Wednesday morning. I hopped out of bed right as my first period started to join the zoom. I was already given a big assignment that took the whole period, then after a short break to get some food, I was hit with two tests back to back. Even after all that, now I’m left with homework. All I can think is “what is the point of all this? I’m already committed to college and am not learning anything useful.”

That is the main dilemma many seniors are running into. These last few weeks of school seem like nothing more than a chore with no allowance. I wish teachers would recognize that their seniors are moving on and have other stuff to do rather than their pointless packets that we have already been doing for years.

Seniors want to focus on their futures and the important decisions they have coming up, rather than being stuck in the past with their high school coursework.