Graduation Fluctuation

Drive thru or on stage; what will you decide?

Ryan Williams, Staff Writer

After over a year of dealing with COVID, it’s about time the seniors get to enjoy something about their last year of high school. Many students have returned to campus and are now questioning whether classic senior activities such as prom and graduation are going to happen.

Many would agree that getting a legit graduation out on the football field will be the best way to end our high school career. Even those who have chosen to stay virtual, such as myself, would still love to come out for graduation.

Although graduation will still need to meet COVID requirements, a lot of students can agree that it would still be better than a drive-thru. Even if graduation were to take place over a two to three day period, it’s still better than nothing.

According to some graduated seniors from the class of 2020, the drive-thru graduation they received was a huge let down as none of their friends and most of the family were able to attend. It was supposed to be the biggest moment of their high school careers, and even though it was posted to YouTube, nothing about it felt like an actual graduation.

“My whole life I looked forward and contemplated my high school graduation and what it would be like, and it was nothing like I ever imagined. Obviously the circumstances did not permit a 100% normal graduation, but I think we could’ve made a better attempt than we did,” Class of 2020 senior Jackson Huntley said.

Just picturing the look of disappointment where there should be happiness as Huntley strides out of his car just to grab his diploma and jump right back in the car. No friends and distant family cheering for him, no real sense of accomplishment.

Luckily, there is an option for those who do not care about finishing their senior years with a bang that allows them to participate in a drive-thru while the rest of us walk the stage or just not at all. This adequately accommodates those who would not feel comfortable with the graduation process.

In the end, it should be up to the students to decide whether an actual graduation is important or not. Those who choose not to do so are still welcomed.