Best Places to Get Ice Cream

The cool air and cold weather is finally beginning to dissipate. Soon we’ll all wake up to hot, summer days. And one of the best parts of summer is enjoying some cold ice cream on a hot day. 

The two most popular ice cream stops, Baked Bear and Coldstone, stand a step above the rest. Baked Bear offers some of the best ice cream sandwiches you will ever have, while Coldstone’s classic flavours and mixes are known throughout San Diego. 

If you haven’t tried Baked Bear’s sandwiches, you are missing out. Of course they have other options if you would like, but in my opinion nothing beats their hot pressed sandwiches. They have a variety of different cookies, ice cream flavors, and toppings to match your specific taste.I prefer the funfetti top and bottom with cookie dough inside, and oreo crumbs on top.

Cold Stone represents the classic ice cream shop. They have some of the best flavours, but they are truly known for their topping and mixing capabilities. Their entire menu slaps. They have the basics down to a perfected science. I like to order vanilla ice cream with caramel and Oreos mixed in, on a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl.

After asking around, the majority of my friends preferred Cold Stone over Baked Bear, even saying that Cold Stone is their all time favorite ice cream shop. I have to agree here. I love Baked Bear, especially when I’m craving a savory hot pressed ice cream sandwich, but Cold Stone is just too nostalgic and delicious to not give it the number one spot.

Last Saturday, I walked into the Cold Stone in Carmel Mountain after a long, hot beach day. There were a few people already there, waiting for their refreshing, handcrafted ice cream. I ordered my ice cream and watched them make it in front of me. The first bite was delicious, and the ice cream was a great topping to my Saturday adventure.

This summer, after these hot days at the beach, I can’t wait to walk into a Cold Stone location. The fresh cold breeze when walking in mixed with the cold taste of ice cream is one of the best parts of summer.