Should You Get the Vaccine?

Should You Get the Vaccine?

Mandy Edwards, Staff Writer

A full year of COVID has certainly changed the way that we look at things. Many people have been waiting for the vaccine before they go out and continue their normal lives. Now that the vaccine is widely available, people are wasting no time making an appointment to resume life. Whether or not someone is  getting the vaccine has been a controversial topic recently and people should respect others’ decisions to not take the vaccine.

Personally, I feel that if I were to get COVID my body would be strong enough to fight it so, getting the vaccine seems pointless for me but others are not as fortunate. 

Though the vaccines are approved by the FDA, they were made so quickly that not enough research was done on the long term effects. This also means that the first people getting the vaccine are basically the test subjects. 

People that may have reactions to harsh vaccine ingredients have changed to eastern medicine practices to better the health of their body without the use of westernized medicine. 

Vaccines are things that most people get since they are babies. Everyone gets their shoots in order to attend school and I believe that those are fine. It’s just this vaccine that was made extremely fast that seems a little suspicious to me.

Some people have underlying health conditions that make it very dangerous if they were to get COVID. These are the people that I think the vaccine is beneficial for. Otherwise, I would focus on the health of my body by watching my diet and exercising to help build my immune system.

“I’m not getting the vaccine,” said Gladys Waddell, a woman who took to the internet to tell her story. All of her friends started to criticize her saying things like, “You don’t care about other people”, and “you’re selfish”. Little did they know that it was because of her allergies that she was unable to get a dose. She felt so criticized and couldn’t believe that her friends would start bashing her like that. 

This is why I believe that it is important to take time and do your own research outside the everyday news. Many people will just see something on the news or on social media and follow what they see without finding out any other information. 

It is really disappointing when people criticize those not getting the vaccine. They do not know the reason and should not assume the worst, it is important to respect others’ values.

All in all, whether or not people get the vaccine is up to them but I think it is important to do individual research before following what everyone else is doing.