Daniel Zaragoza Reaches For Success


Vivian Sanchez, Staff Writer

Bright and open-minded, senior Daniel Zaragoza is being remembered by friends, family, and teachers as always a hard worker who never cut corners. He was successful in his classes and appeared on the school’s honor roll during his sophomore year. Sadly, Zaragoza passed away on April 19in a tragic car accident. Many of Daniel’s peers thought of him as a quiet and reserved kid, however, his friends thought of him as a hard worker. “Daniel was a hard worker who could always make you laugh. He would go pretty far to make a joke that was sure to make you laugh. When he joked around with you, he never made you feel bad and always made sure you were having a good time as well,” senior Angel Guzman said. 

Similarly, teachers who had Daniel as his student remember him as the kid who always did things the right way. “He was super successful in my class and did excellent on the AP test. Him hanging around in class and talking about something on campus, he was very personal and had a big smile on his face. Seeing his growth was so much fun,” AP European History teacher Robert Talley said.

Like most teenage boys Daniel enjoyed playing video games, but those who did not get the opportunity to befriend him didn’t know he enjoyed drawing as well. “Most probably don’t know that he liked drawing, he didn’t show what he was drawing often but it was always good,” Angel Guzman said.

Zaragoza was making plans for his future, and he had a passion for helping others. “He was eager to help other people and worked hard to succeed in the Marines. He was ready to fight for his country, “senior Gage Fender said. 

Friends say Daniel Zaragoza was a kind, humble, and funny person to be around. He was often seen as a quiet kid, but he always had something good to say in class. The bright pupil will always be remembered for his hard work put into becoming a successful student.