Silence for recollecting thoughts

One minute a day

Every day the school announcements signal us all to stand for the pledge, and directly after comes the mindful moment. One minute of my life goes to waste practically every day by sitting around waiting to hear someone talk again on the intercom. It always has me thinking: Is this really a necessary thing?

The mindful moment takes only one minute of each school day, but it always feels a lot longer. This moment of silence is meant for a little break in your day to focus on yourself or just take a break from what is going on around you. 

This moment of complete silence is typically met with people, sometimes even myself, talking through it without even noticing it is going on. It is easily missed since the announcements are not the loudest thing in the world, and people tend to talk once they are done with the pledge of allegiance.

It is understandable that the mindful moment does help some people move through their day, but I feel like most students don’t use it how it is meant to be used.

The minute ends up being free time to go and distract yourself rather than focus up on what you have to do the rest of the day. I get lost in a train of thought that makes me think about things that have no relation with what is going on in my day. 

I feel that the mindful moment is not needed in our day. Although it can be beneficial, I feel that it is utilized maybe one time a week. This is because students in person want to talk with those around them and those who are fully online more than likely zone out right when it starts, leading to them paying less attention in the class.