SZA and Doja Cat Break the Internet


Raelyn Cornell, Writer

Two of the hottest pop stars today, SZA and Doja Cat have finally collaborated after many requests from both fanbases. Their new song “Kiss Me More” was just released on April 9. The song includes spunky beats with tunes that will just make you want to dance! 

The music video takes place in outer space, and tells a story the further you watch. The animations are quite interesting and definitely worth a watch. The ski-fi publishings draw your attention span in, and fits in with the uptempo beat. 

Doja Cat is the main spouse in the song, however, SZA’s feature caused a positive uprising and broke the internet. Their voices collide very well and the two singers produced a fantastic song. 

Within the video, we see many different outfits between the two, and each outfit is gorgeous. The pink floral, and metallic purples suite and complement each other to fabricate a very pleasing view to the eye. 

Doja Cat and SZA both have complex strengths as singers, and the two do a good job praising those strengths. Doja Cat also reveals on her social media platforms that she is set to release an album come summer of 2021. This song was a tease of what is yet to come. 

The site Black Boy Bulletin voices, “’Kiss Me More’ is a sugary sweet disco-influenced pop confection that is as flirty as it is an exaltation of feminine sensuality.” As said before, the video has a deeper meaning than what is surfaced, and produces an optimistic message for female empowerment, which in this day and age is extremely important to stand for. The song sings, “Boy, you write your name, I can do the same” and promotes the idea that both girls and guys have the ability to achieve all expectations.  The song has a bubbly chorus and it for sure hooks people into the rest of the song. 

Kiss Me More is available on all platforms as of right now, and is a song that has definitely been added to my playlist. I for sure recommend going to give it a listen!