Students And Teachers Get Vaccinated

Around the world people have been getting vaccinated, and finally some students and teachers at Poway High are getting their turn for the COVID-19 vaccine. More teachers than students have been able to get the vaccine because of eligibility, meaning factors like age and occupation. Because the vaccine is in high demand with relatively low supply, people are still trying to get appointments.

One of the advantages of getting the vaccine is having the feeling of extra protection, while still following the guidelines of wearing a mask and consistently washing one’s hands. 

“I was really excited to get the vaccine because it is going to help to protect me so now I don’t have to be as worried,” senior Claire Schoon said.

More students and teachers getting the vaccine allows for a much safer environment to go back to in-person school. The vaccine provides protection for the vaccinated, but it also provides protection for those around them.

It has been hard for everyone not being able to visit their high risk relatives, so, for some, the concern is not only for themselves to get the vaccine, but their loved ones as well. “I know that other teachers have been getting the vaccine and I should be getting mine April 5, but I am most concerned about my parents getting it,” Civics teacher Patrick Pillsbury said.

Even with all of the benefits of getting the vaccine, there are a few downsides. Those who have been administered the vaccine are likely to experience pain in the arm, tiredness, headaches, chills, or a fever.

 “I’ve had a bad headache and I am just feeling under the weather, but it is definitely worth it so that students have a safer environment,” dive coach Steve Norby said.