Titans Plan Ahead

In years past, counselors would meet with students to talk about their class choices for the following year. This year, because of the pandemic, students are not able to individually meet their counselor in person, so the counselors have set up Zoom meetings for students.

 Last spring, students did not get to review their classes with a counselor. ¨Last year, we were not able to do these audit meetings because we had just shifted to distance learning and were trying to get a footing on what was happening with everything,¨ counselor Karly Wardwell said. Usually, these meetings take place all throughout the month of April. 

This week for 10th graders, counselors have been going into history classes through Zoom and talking to students. ¨All students start in a single Zoom during their history class on the assigned day, and one by one are placed into their counselor´s breakout room. Once they are done, they return to the main room and the next student goes into the breakout room,¨ counselor Jerilyn Padua said. 

The counselors met with the freshman the week before, and continued to meet with the 11th graders through the week of the 5-10th of April. 

Every student will get the opportunity to individually zoom with their counselor to go over course selections for the following year. ¨Meeting with a counselor was super helpful. I got clarity on what classes I should and should not take next year,¨ sophomore Vy Le said. 

If students could not attend the zoom meeting then they should have received an email asking to go over the courses another time. Then, students can go over their course selections when they are available shortly after their meeting should have taken place. 

In addition to helping with course selections, there are four year plans with students so that they can plan out their high school classes from freshman year to senior year. These plans can help students choose classes that are good for them and shape their schedule around their college choices. 

Students can find these plans in the “Course Request Info” box on the homepage of the Poway High website, and can be helpful to see what requirements they must complete to graduate high school. 

Picking courses for the next year in high school can be stressful, but the counselor’s guide students through the process so that they can succeed the most.