Tom and Jerry Brings Back the Feline and Mouse Feud Fantastically

While it is a  fantastic callback to the nostalgic rivalry we all love, the new movie Tom and Jerry may be somewhat lackluster for older viewers, but  it is still a fun must watch for old fans of the classic show. This is the first of many Warner Brothers titles to drop both in theatres and on HBO Max this month?.

The two bitter rivals make their way to New York City where they cross paths with Kayla(Chloë Grace Moretz), a young street kid who wants to prove herself to the world.

Tom and Jerry have their usual fighting sequence that may be silly, but they truly put a smile on the faces of old-time fans.

Kayla hijacks an interview at the Royal Gate Hotel and finds herself in a position that she is extremely underqualified for. A wealthy engaged couple in a high-class hotel and a huge wedding to organize, what could go wrong?

Well after Jerry’s longhouse hunt he is finally set on moving into the hotel. This causes panic amongst the head staff and Kayla volunteers to deal with the mouse issue.

After a couple failed attempts she aligns herself with the natural predator, Tom. The two attempt to forcefully evict Jerry but to no avail.

Older viewers may be displeased with some of the child-like comedy, but often there are a few jokes that only the older crowd can get a kick out of.

The film has a solid plot with strong actors who all portray their characters amazingly. As far as the animated cast goes there are many familiar faces like Spike and toodles Galore.

Towards the ending, it does begin to slow its pace and somewhat slip away from being the Tom and Jerry movie and feels more like the Kayla movie. However, this may have been the only way to truly keep the attention of viewers.

To fill over an hour of simple Tom and Jerry fighting would have become dull fairly quickly. The way the writers hold the viewer’s attention while also keeping the traditional Tom and Jerry fighting is exquisite.

    Now of course the film is simply a Tom and Jerry movie in the real world. It is not a comedic masterpiece, but does warm the audience with its many entertaining attributes.