Falling into Mask Mania

The More Masks the More Fear


Is it really time to double up?

Ryan Williams, Staff Writer

     Wearing a face mask has become part of everyday life. One cannot step outside without seeing someone with a mask on. Thanks to President Biden’s Federal Mask Mandate, people are required to have face masks anywhere they go.

     We are now being told to wear a mask outside when walking around or even when practicing a sport. This is just plain ridiculous, as a mask will do essentially nothing for you outside as sunlight is a natural killer to germs and viruses. According to Greg Murphy, doctor and republican congressman from North Carolina, “Sunlight contains ultraviolet light [and] high-intensity UV light can kill viruses.”

     Now President Biden and the CDC are recommending that people wear two masks when entering public areas. This is a disaster. Even though the CDC has recommended wearing two masks, they failed to publicly mention the facts they proved such as wearing a second mask might indeed trap more viral particles in your breath when you exhale.  

     It is understandable for someone working in the medical field to want to wear two masks to improve their chances of exposure to the virus, but when people are throwing on a second mask to go buy something at the store or to walk their dog, I see it as going a bit overboard.

     From the beginning I have never agreed with the idea of wearing a mask at all times. The CDC claims that wearing a mask will help prevent exposure to the virus however I know of many people who have gotten COVID when they came in contact with someone who had it and they were both wearing masks.

     I’m not saying that masks are completely useless, as I know that they improve your chances of not being exposed to COVID-19 through an airborne carrier, however I do not agree with the idea of wearing two masks. Rebreathing your own carbon dioxide and other wastes is not good for your body, especially in the case of teenagers’ skin where a mix of carbon dioxide and clogged pores can lead to extreme acne breakouts.

     According to Healthline: Health News, “Wearing a mask frequently can cause ‘maskne’ which is caused because the mask traps dirt and oil in pores. Mask wearing can also cause skin conditions such as miliaria and rosacea.

     All in all, wear your mask because it has become a federal mandate, but the choice to go overboard and wear two plus masks should be up to the individual.