Talented Titans create beautiful artwork

Art students share their favorite piece

Vivian Sanchez Rojas, Staff Writer

Talented Titans are creating incredible art pieces with unique styles for the AP Art classes. All pieces of art have their own meanings and specific styles.

My piece “Daisy” does not have a particular meaning behind it. The symbolism that is found in my art is up to the viewer’s discretion and interpretation. However, while there’s no specific meaning behind the piece itself, I did incorporate certain aspects into my work to convey certain emotions. Such details include the monochromatic red background, use of perspective, body positioning, and placement of objects. For me, the most prevalent sentiment in this piece is fragility. That feeling is why this piece is one of my proudest creations yet.
I’m using a photo of myself that I would post on social media because I look pretty, but the words in the background represent who I am and what I’m feeling, or more specifically, what I’m hiding from social media — so I’ll look more like a better person if that makes sense. Using color as well, I’ve depicted a mood for the piece. The red and pink represent tough love, but the viewer can decide what the colors could represent themselves.
The meaning behind this piece is ambiguous. I was inspired by films that address social issues through genres like horror and thriller. The main woman (decorated with pearls) is colored and shaded fully, contrasting the opposing flat background. It was originally made to discuss privilege, but I struggled to express the idea clearly. Honestly, anyone is open to decide what it means to them. This work was my favorite mostly because of the rendering- I surprised myself with the smoothness. Working digitally has been a difficult process, but it’s paid off with how much I’ve learned.”