AVID Student Charges at Scholarship

Laura Pineda Applies To “Lamp Of Learning” Scholarship

AVID Student Charges at Scholarship

AVID junior superstar, Laura Pineda is starting to get involved in scholarships. In her third year of high school she has decided on planning for her future.  

Pineda is applying for the San Diego wide scholarship, the “Lamp of Learning scholarship”In previous years  AVID teachers could  choose two students, but this year any student could apply.” Lockie strongly recommended that I apply, so I went for it,” Pineda said. 

AVID teacher Ms. Lockie says, “I’m excited for Laura, to have the opportunity for such a prestigious scholarship as Lamp of Learning. I’m proud of the student she has become and have enjoyed watching her become a leader in the AVID program”. 

The Lamp of Learning is  partnered with AVID to “highlight and target exceptional first-generation college hopefuls” according to their website. The scholarship is open to any high school student in the county, making it a big contest. 

Pineda described the  application process as difficult. “It’s pretty stressful because you have to fill out a lot of data and personal essays, but it also feels reassuring knowing that you could have this opportunity,” she said. Pienda hopes to feel accomplished after finishing her application. 

The previous 52 winners of the scholarship have been awarded $18,000. Winning this scholarship would mean a lot to Laura and her teachers who helped her get to where she is right now. 

“If I won the scholarship, I’d feel extremely happy and very relieved that I’m getting prepared for my future,” Pienda said. If she wins the scholarship, she plans on putting it toward her future college education.