Ljosha Kremliovsky invests his interests in Poway High

Poway High Economics Club introduces the stock market to students


Ella Goldman, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how the stock market or the economic system works? The Economics Club is just the place to learn. 

Within the Economics Club, students discuss current economic issues as well as large businesses and how they play into the economy. Junior, Ljosha Kremliovksy, is the new president.

Before the pandemic, the Economics Club met in Marion Von Ehrenstein-Smith’s room every Monday at lunch. They had presentations as well as interactive games to help students understand the stock market. 

One game in specific that they played often is the stock simulator. This game allows students to invest fake money into real stocks without financial risks. “These games have really allowed me to understand how the stock market works in the real world. I feel like it is preparing me for when I want to actually invest in stocks,” junior Kaleb Samson said.

As of current times, the Economics Club has been unable to do as much as they would like to due to COVID-19. Kremliovsky is doing the best that he can without holding Zoom meetings. He feels that holding Zooms would not be the right choice in this situation and does not want to contribute to unnecessary screen time. 

When it comes to managing the club in the current circumstances, Kremliovsky has been providing opportunities to his members. These opportunities are investment competitions that allow students to present their knowledge of the stock market and win prizes. Kremliovsky also has high hopes for future events. “Hopefully when we go back to school we will be able to organize our own investment competition among Poway High,” Kremliovsky said.

Kremliovksy is also the vice president of another student-run Economics Club not affiliated with Poway High. This club contains all Poway High juniors and is run by Ben Koziner. This Economics Club outside of Poway High also focuses on stocks and runs its own competitions within the club. They also teach students about things such as how to do their taxes. “This club is designed to educate young investors and set them up for a strong economic future,” said, junior Ben Koziner. When Koziner is unable to monitor the club, Kremliovksy steps into his position. 

Kremliovsky has involved himself in the current stock market and the economy. He is helping himself and other students understand how to live on their own in the real world. If you are interested in the stock market or how it works, contact Ljosha Kremliovsky and join today.