Introducing the World of Trade

Hudson Betts, Staff Writer

The Stock Market has been a staple for American Capitalism for centuries, dating back to 1792. There have been many declines in the market, including the biggest market crash in history in 2008, leaving many unemployed and without financial stability. However, there have also been great triumphs, such as the latest GameStop and AMC stocks rising to extreme levels to where some could sell and pay off student debt or become financially set. 

 It is possible to lose money if the company loses value. You have to use tools, collect information, analyze data and make judgments based on evidence. 

Brent Wilsey, a professional investor, has been in the business for 40 years and has plenty of experience when it comes to reading the market. A smart investment with stocks would be putting money into a business you know would be relevant and thriving in the future. 

 Seeing more and more flock to stocks is great, but there are some downsides. When a company’s stock has decreased, the company’s value decreases. “Stocks are ownerships of a large company,” Wilsey said. 

Some advice was“A good indicator that you should invest in a company would be, number one, their earnings. The more money the more the company is worth. The second would be their cash flow (monthly earnings),”  Wisley said. 

Wilsey has plenty of tools to help him and other investors. One tool, in particular, is, which is a website run by Wilsey himself. On the website you can check out a podcast about smart investing every Saturday from 8-10 p.m  on 97.3 FM The Fan.

A student investor in 11th grade, Alina Draa, also has experience with trading. Draa has started getting into day trading and uses the app E*TRADE to buy, sell, and monitor stocks. “Generally you want to invest in a stock when it seems undervalued,” she explained. 

“If you think the company will do well in the long term, it’s a good idea to invest,” Draa said. Draa said her parents  got her started in stocks, but she believes that seeing posts on social media helped her more to get into the market. 

As of today, it’s more and more common to see people invest. The timeline of the market fluctuates and the future waits for no investor