The Bachelor Filled With Drama And Romance


If you love reality tv shows, then the Bachelor is for you. This year they brought in the first black bachelor, 28-year old Matt James, as the male lead. With 32 women competing for Matt’s heart you can only expect lots of drama and romance.  

My friends at Poway High School have been obsessed with this season of the Bachelor and I thought it was only appropriate to write an article about what’s going on and why this reality TV show is so intriguing to watch. 

This year the show is set in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania. The resort takes place on 2,200 acres of land where they spend all their dates. Junior Abigail Cauldren approves.“I actually really like the location. The mansion for the girls is gorgeous and all the dates seem so much fun to go on, whether it’s in a hot air balloon looking over the property or a picnic in the middle of nowhere, they all seem so fun in such a memorable location,” she said. 

This year there has been so much drama between the girls, which has been very entertaining for the viewers, especially if you are part of Bachelor nation (individuals who are obsessed with the Bachelor and the Bachelorette). Some of the contestants are still there because the production team is keeping them purely for views, if you watch it you know I’m talking about Queen Victoria and Anna.  

Personally, this has been one of my favorite seasons to watch just because there are new twists every week that Chris Harrison (the host) does to the show. The women are very entertaining to watch as well because they are all very competitive whether it’s in the house or on the group dates for Matt’s heart. 

“I have been watching the Bachelor for about 5 years and it never tends to disappoint. This year especially there is so much drama that it’s hard to wait once a week to watch when you just want to know who he proposes to already,” Senior, Sophie McNeill-Spooner said.

Now for people that don’t know how the Bachelor works, each week three date cards arrive at girls’ houses. The first card tends to be an invitation for a one on one date with Matt. The second card tends to be a group date with 10 or fewer contestants. The third invitation is either another one-on-one date or another group date. Some weeks there are as many as four women who are not picked to go on any of the dates. After each date, Matt picks one girl from the date to give a rose too granting her safety from being sent home for the week and creating a closer bond to him. 

At the end of the week, the main event is called the Rose Ceremony where they spend a couple of hours stealing time with Matt and talking to him for a couple of minutes to try to win his heart before another girl swoops in to have a conversation with him. At the end of the night, Matt gives a rose to each woman as a sign that he likes them and wants them there and advances them to the next week.

The girls who don’t get a rose –about three to four each week– go home. The whole point of the show is to find love and for Matt James to find his wife. It will come down to two women left and he will pick the one he would like to propose to and spend the rest of his life with. 

Transition?“Even as a guy, I enjoy watching the Bachelor because it’s entertaining to see how the girls act, and they are all very pretty. I watch it with my friends too and make it the whole night yelling at the TV during the rose ceremony,” sophomore, Christian Gentilucci stated. 

Viewers interested in becoming a part of Bachelor Nation can tune in at 8 p.m. every Monday to see the drama unfold and the love happen.