Let us Back on Campus


Would you rather stare at a small, glitchy screen all day, or take notes directly from a teacher in the classroom without any difficulty? Poway Unified high school students were supposed to return to campus in mid-January, yet it once again did not happen. The district had allowed younger students to return to school in October, but hardly any teenagers have been able to return to campus since March of 2020. We deserve to be let back on campus, how can they not see that online causes so many struggles?

Our students have been cooped up at home every day, while others get a change of pace in their schedules every week to get to consistently see their friends and teachers. I am tired of my boring and bland life with online school, there is never anything new that happens. Simply being allowed back on campus for one or two days a week would make life way less repetitive. 

Schools outside of Poway Unified, such as Ramona High and Grossmont High, have been allowed multiple recurring weekdays to go to their classes on campus. Why is this not the case for our school district? We live in a similar area, yet have completely different rules because we are not in the “reopening” category of the state. 

 I never thought that I would actually miss being at school, but I feel that going in person allows for better opportunities to ask questions and is easier for students to see how to solve their questions. Sitting in a breakout room with the teacher can be helpful, but it just isn’t the same as learning in person.