single or taken, these trending gifts will make you feel lovestruck

Raelyn Cornell , Staff Writer

Crystal heart box

The holiday that happens once a year, making you feel loved, whether by a significant other or a best-friend. Gift giving happens to be a very common love language, and Valentine’s Day is the day to show your appreciation, a day where you can shower your loved one with gifts.

Valentine’s Day gifts trend in and out, and this year, there are quite a few. “This year I think one of the prettiest, and most meaningful gifts you could receive or give this year has to be the crystal heart boxes. Definitely one of the most trendy gifts right now,” sophomore Payton Bryant states.

This gift comes in a heart shaped box like your common Valentine chocolates, but instead of chocolates, it is filled with spiritual rocks and/or crystals. This gift is definitely one of the more beautiful gifts you could give, and has so much sentimental value.

Another option is to go down a more traditional route, keeping it simple with chocolates and flowers. “To be honest, on Valentine’s Day, chocolates would definitely be nice,” sophomore Tristan Callaway.

Gifts are not about quantity, but quality, and the meaning. You most certainly do not have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to make someone feel loved. Even a little handwritten note could make someone’s heart beat with excitement. Even with just a little note, you could personalize it to make the sentiment project even more.

There is always one way that will for sure win over someone, food. “Well the key to a girl’s heart is food, so the Chick-Fil-A heart boxes are for sure something I would want for Valentine’s Day. They are so easy and so cute. 10/10 gift,” sophomore Ava Hall said. And it is as simple as that. The boxes range from both sweet to savory goodies such as chicken nuggets, and cookies, ranging from $9 to $14, and are a great idea if you need something meaningful, but manageable.

Along the lines of food, another trending Valentine’s Day gift is a breakable chocolate heart. Although it may be on the more pricey side, the heart comes with chocolate covered strawberries, and you are able to customize the foods by picking the colors, design and more. For sure an adorable gift and guaranteed to make your significant other smile!

Valentine’s Day sends a flood of mixed feelings, but when spending the day with the right person or people, will for sure bring the energy of love.