New EL Pollo Loco Review


Where once an outdated, poorly reviewed, Burger King once stood, a flower grew through the cracks of the cement parking lot. This flower blossomed into what is now the El Pollo Loco located on Poway Rd. Just across the street from Jack-In-The-Box. This new chain restaurant serves many options for all kinds of taste pallets.

My first thoughts when turning into the parking lot were good. The building looks modern and clean. There was somewhat of a line but actually was taken care of very quickly by the employees inside who made the food with prowess.  

When I rolled up to order I noticed how well the menu was organized very well, with even a category for meals just under 500 calories! The options were vast, ranging from soup to nachos, to even salads. Almost every meal included their “Famous fire-grilled chicken”. 

My order included 1 California Burrito ($8.99 with a small drink), 1 Carbon Combo ($5.79), Chicken Nachos ($4.89), Tortilla soup Reg, ($3.99), Small Mac & Cheese ($2.99), with some salsa to add to a total of $28.65 with tax. Their Sprite is bussin.

It’s a good place to go after school because it’s relatively close to housing areas. If you were to be traveling with many people I would recommend considering El Pollo Loco to fill your stomach. 

Their grilled chicken was superb. It was an excellent combo with everything on the menu. The California Burrito was very good and the fries were perfect. The guac added a good sidekick and added flavor. The Chicken Nachos were tender and mixed well with the tortilla chips. The Chicken Tortilla soup was very filling but a good finish to the rest of the meal. Overall I really enjoyed the meals I ordered and I really think El Pollo Loco will be staying in South Poway for a while.